High Availability Enhancements in SQL Server 2016

In SQL Server 2016, a lot of high availability enhancements were introduced. Here is a brief overview of the major enhancements.

By Luke Alderton

Built-in JSON Support in SQL SERVER 2014

The JavaScript Object Notation, a user readable format of details stored in organized way for data transfer in web applications and mobile applications as well. Structured and easy for machine to parse and generate, JSON also makes sure that the data transfers are error less.

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Online Index Operation Event Class

This is a method that graphs the process of online index when the build process is running. The profiler of SQL server allows tracking the overall process called as Progress report.

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Partition Switching and Indexing

Minimize the maintenance downtime and increase availability in SQL Server 2014 by performingPartition Switching andOnline Index Rebuilding.

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Incremental statistics in SQL SERVER 2014

This sql server feature allows partition updates for partitions which in turn will be used as final statistics object. It is a very useful option when the partitions are present in the database.

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