High Availability Enhancements in SQL Server 2016

In SQL Server 2016, a lot of high availability enhancements were introduced. Here is a brief overview of the major enhancements.

By Luke Alderton

Online Index Operation Event Class

This is a method that graphs the process of online index when the build process is running. The profiler of SQL server allows tracking the overall process called as Progress report.

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Partition Switching and Indexing

Minimize the maintenance downtime and increase availability in SQL Server 2014 by performingPartition Switching andOnline Index Rebuilding.

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Control Transaction Durability

Learn how to control transaction durability. Delayed durability may result in data loss, as transactions are simultaneously logged and committed.

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Extended Stored Procedure – SQL Server 2014

An Extended Stored Procedure (XP) extends functions to other Microsoft applications. Learn to implement this feature on your database in this blog.

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