VIEWS in SQL Server

The View is a saved SQL statement and referred as a virtual table. When you create a view, Microsoft SQL Server stores only metadata information about the view, describing the object, its columns, security, dependencies, and so on.

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Exception Handling in Sql Server

Starting in SQL Server 2005, the exception handling has been very similar to the exception handling in c++ and c#. SQL Server 2005 introduced the Try and Catch blocks. You can place all your T-SQL statements in the TRY block. If an error occurred in any T-SQL statements within the TRY block, then the control will jump to the nearest CATCH block. In the CATCH block you can do any extra processing (e.g., rollback any remaining transactions) and if you want to re-throw the error, then you can use RAISERROR command. But if there was no error in the TRY block, the CATCH block will be skipped.

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SQL Injection

It is a type of attacking technique by changing the SQL code in your website. If your web application was not developed carefully and wisely, then there is a chance that attackers can do SQL Injections and mess up your database. They may alter the SQL code and steal your vital information from the database. Not only getting information from your database, they can also delete and modify information or modify the structure of your database.

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