Content Management System

Take advantage of the latest technology platforms to allow your website to get ahead of the competition. Content Management Systems will enable you to independently maintain your own website content in real time – they are easy to use and enable non-technical users to keep their website content up to date.

What can a Content Management System do for your business?

  • Allow many people from within your organization to update and share content.
  • Manage workflow based on user permissions.
  • Control access to data based on user permissions.
  • Small Businesses and Organizations

Do you know how to use Microsoft Word? If yes, then you can update your own website. Our Content Management Systems have built-in rich text editors and file uploaders. There's no need to know any programming languages. We'll even teach you how to use it. We use open source software to reduce development costs, and on top of that you'll never have to pay IT staff to update your website again. Imagine running new promotions for your business right when you need them, without having to wait for IT staff to find the time.

Medium and Large Businesses and Organizations

  • Assign different sections of your website to different departments in your organization.
  • Allow users to submit content for approval before putting it live on your site.
  • Manage and share documents, photos, audio, and video.
  • Mange projects and data as a team.
  • Not sure if we can produce a solution for your needs? Ask our experts!

Practical uses for a Content Management System

The term “Content Management System” is a really generalized term, meaning any system that manages any type of content. There are obvious uses for a CMS, like managing the content on your website, but there are many other less-obvious uses as well. Here are some ideas that will help increase communication within your business or organization:

Start a corporate blog

Many businesses and organizations have associates within the organization that have been in the industry for years. These associates have a wealth of knowledge that often remains untapped by more junior associates. Training sessions and presentations are costly, and take a lot of time. Imagine having a method to assist in transferring this knowledge at your associates’ leisure. Having an internal centralized repository of this inside information will prove to increase the over-all knowledge level of your organization. Let’s face it; you’re not likely to call a meeting for the small stuff that your associates learn from their everyday processes. This will provide real opportunity for professional growth.

Start a business wiki

A “wiki” is a special type of CMS that allows for the collaborative building of documents. Anyone can edit or contribute information to a document within a wiki. They are often used by programmers and software companies for building documentation for projects. However, just looking at a website like Wikipedia, you can obviously see that the possibilities are endless. Each department in your organization can document their processes, and you can view who edited which portion. If the changes made are unsatisfactory, you can roll back the changes.

Have you ever had a problem arise more than once, and someone asks “What did we do to solve this problem last time?” Having this documentation centralized will allow you to do a simple search and see exactly what was done to solve the problem. No more digging through countless emails and scattered Word Documents, because your time is valuable.

Manage and transfer large files and documents

Perhaps you’re in an industry that often transfers large files and documents between people within the organization, or between your business and your customers. Emailing large documents is not practical in this situation. Often emails are bounced back to you due to mailbox size limitations. You would need a special type of CMS called a “Document Management System (DMS)”. A DMS allows you to transfer these large files back and forth to a centralized document server. It will track downloads, uploads, views, and access through a web-based interface without the need for FTP credentials.

All of these options are sure to increase collaboration and productivity within your organization.

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