Database Development

Your company’s database is the backbone of your business. Resolve process issues, provide reliable information resources, and help your company make better business decisions with a custom database solution.

At SQL Programmers, our mission is to automate your business processes through the power of our custom database applications. We have extensive experience designing and developing SQL Server solutions tailored to your specific operational needs.

A successful integration of multiple applications relies on the structure of the database. Our company has over 23 years of business experience designing powerful solutions that seamlessly integrate third-party systems.

Work with SQL Programmers

Our company is passionate about solving a company's operational issues through highly effective software. Our consultants develop programs that soothe our clients' pain points and provide a clear path to business growth. Our transparent fixed-bid approach to development enables our clients to have a set project cost from the start, without having to worry about unplanned expenses after a project begins.

Our consultants combine the latest SQL Server capabilities with the tried-and-true features as they plan out each database system. Our innovative use of standard Windows design items (menus, buttons, text boxes) allows users to easily navigate through the system and complete their daily tasks. We also offer customization on security features to control individual and group permissions.

Our Methodology

Requirements Phase

SQL Programmers offers a pre-project Requirements Phase covering how the new system will benefit your organization. Our individualized proposal provides recommendations specific to your business needs and growth plans, and will include an estimated timeline and total cost for the project based on our understanding of your needs.

Requirements Phase

Database Design Process

Our team meets with your system’s key stakeholders to begin the design process. The information gathered at these meetings and during the requirements phase will play a part in the development of a visual representation of the database screens.


Deployment and Support

Once the system is developed and your stakeholders give their approval, the application goes live. As you continue to roll the solution out, our team is always just a phone call away to help you with any questions you may have.


Here are some examples of systems we have developed for our clients:

  • Shrink the Database
    Online Bookstore and Cataloging Software - Create a custom solution to handle order tracking while serving as an e-commerce website and catalog database. Our client was looking for a way to innovate their ordering process in order to differentiate itself from its competition. The system we built allows for automatic product updates and real-time inventory tracking.
  • undefined
    Specification Management System - Manage company documents inside a Specification Management System. Our client needed a database to build and store specification templates for their production personnel. The solution we designed allows their team to easily track product-related documents between departments.
  • undefined
    Legal Fee Audit System - Take advantage of the features of SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). This system enables the database to easily process mass quantities of data in and out of the database. Users can easily import large amounts of raw invoicing data and export large amounts of billing data for data cubes.

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About us

SQL Server Programmers is a database consulting firm specializing in Microsoft technologies. For over twenty years, we have assisted hundreds of companies nationwide. Our staff has extensive experience working in various industries to develop systems that manage business information. We develop desktop database solutions and integrate these solutions with the web to create data-driven websites. Our firm is a Microsoft Certified Partner, and our developers are Microsoft Certified Professionals.

  • Large Manufacturing Plant

    Open quoteEvery major project has gone live by the desired target date, and runs problem-free.Close quote

    - Vice President

  • Plant Museum

    Open quoteSQL Programmers upgraded our Plant Records database and Plant Production database. The new systems provide access to a scalable, reliable and user-friendly system for any user within our networks.Close quote

    - Director of Information Systems

  • A Regional Philanthropy Foundation

    Open quoteYou continually translate our business needs into successful projects within budget. Thank you!Close quote

    - Manager of Information Technology

  • A Meat Distributor

    Open quoteSQL Programmers did an outstanding job translating our needs and wants into a workable program. After the development, we have been very pleased with the support. We are currently working on Phase Two!Close quote

    - Operations and Process Support