Prospect, Customer, & Broker Database

Customer Profile

Sector: Real Estate
Industry: Developer
Revenue: $3 million

Our client is an urban real estate development company. They strive to develop distinctive commercial and residential properties in Chicago and its surrounding suburbs. Their goal is to maximize purchaser value by developing distinctive properties that bring well-designed space, quality construction, architectural integrity and modern building technology to the urban marketplace.

Business Situation

The company had a variety of residential housing development projects in various stages and needed a centralized system to track contact information. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was the best solution. They required a CRM system that would track prospects, customers, and real estate brokers in a centralized database. It was important that the system be internet based so that their staff could access the information from anywhere at any time.


Prospect, Customer, & Broker Database

The web-based solution created by SQL Server Programmers enables the company to easily manage their prospects, customers, and brokers. Company staff can access the system anywhere an internet connection is available, thus enabling them to better and more quickly serve their customers.

The following information is also captured within the CRM to provide management with the tools to make informed decisions:

  • Contacts can be assigned to development projects, enabling the measurement of traffic for each of their projects.
  • The method that brought the prospects to a project is captured, enabling the developer to measure the performance of different advertising methods.
  • Prospects and customers are assigned to brokers, enabling the company to measure the traffic brokers and their brokerages are bringing.

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SQL Server Programmers is a database consulting firm specializing in Microsoft technologies. For over twenty years, we have assisted hundreds of companies nationwide. Our staff has extensive experience working in various industries to develop systems that manage business information. We develop desktop database solutions and integrate these solutions with the web to create data-driven websites. Our firm is a Microsoft Certified Partner, and our developers are Microsoft Certified Professionals.