SQL Server Security

SQL Server provides rich security features to protect data and network resources. By default, client-server communications are encrypted. SQL Server 2005 and above supports encryption capabilities within the database itself, and is fully integrated with a key management infrastructure. Our team can help you upgrade your database to the latest version.

Why it's important to have DB security

Database security is an essential part of any company. It protects sensitive database information from being stolen and prevents data loss:

The attacks listed below could cause serious ramifications in your database:

  • SQL Injections
  • Buffer Overflow vulnerabilities
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Denial of Service

The built-in encryption of data ensures that confidential information is secure in case of a physical compromise or otherwise unauthorized access to the database system. Data can be encrypted without having to modify applications by using Transparent Data Encryption.

Our experts can help you protect your data by implementing the following features

  • Password Policy Enforcement
  • Built-In Encryption and Key Management
  • Security Role-based Data Access
  • User Security Groups
  • Users Need to be Given Access To Data
  • Enhanced Auditing Features

If your data has been compromised, SQL Programmers can help remove malicious content.

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